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Before introducing the best financial advisor in Podkarpackie, we will present the most popular types of loans available in banks and financial institutions. Luckypocket loan has many names – it’s worth getting to know at least a few of them.

The Credit Information Bureau, as the most popular loans, distinguishes:

  • consumer loan,
  • mortgage,
  • investment
  • credit card,
  • consolidation loan.


Credit agreement – what must be in it?

Credit agreement - what must be in it?

When the credit decision is positive, the contract is signed. Although the loans are different and the banks have various offers, some information is common to everyone. When signing a loan agreement, it is worth remembering that, according to the Loan Portal, the following information must be included in it:

  • parties to the loan agreement,
  • the amount and currency of the loan in which it was concluded,
  • loan purpose,
  • loan repayment rules and dates,
  • loan interest rate and interest rate change conditions,
  • method of securing loan repayment,
  • the amount of commission for granting a loan, if the contract for particular types of loans provides for a commission,
  • the scope of the bank’s rights regarding the control of loan utilization and repayment,
  • the date and manner of making the cash available to the borrower,
  • conditions for making changes to the loan agreement,
  • terms of termination of the loan agreement.


Luckypocket loan with an experienced financial advisor

loan application

Are you serious about credit? Before you go to the bank, it is worth consulting your decision with a professional financial advisor. Every day, Mirasol Wenns manages a team of several specialists in the field of home and business budget management. Over the years, he has helped over five thousand clients – both individual and business. The services offered meet the needs of the modern market. Financial adviser Mirasol Wenns is looking for solutions that are beneficial for the client. Minimizes costs and formalities.

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