What is the best 10 000 USD personal loan in 2019?

The best personal loan of the moment may not be the day before or tomorrow. Our credit comparator, updated daily, allows you to find the best personal loan for each combination of amount and duration. Everything you need to know so as not to miss out on the best credit to carry out your project.

What is the best personal loan at the moment?

What is the best personal loan at the moment?

Personal credit is a loan without proof of use of funds . It is a very popular type of all-terrain credit. It is also the subject of a small rate battle between the various players in consumer credit. The promotional periods are regular and can change the ranking very regularly .

Our different credit simulations show that organizations such as Bankil, Bankil or Yoabank generally offer better rates than those of banks. We will therefore compare only the personal loan offers from specialists, using our comparison tool.

The APR rate as the only comparison criterion

The APR rate as the only comparison criterion

Our comparator distinguishes the best personal loan of the moment only on the basis of the APR rate. It is the benchmark for consumer credit. The APR (annual effective annual rate) is used to calculate the real cost of a loan. It actually includes interest, but also possible handling fees.

The best online credit organizations, however, never charge an application fee. The APR is the only indicator to refer to in the search for the best credit.

Comparison of daily rates: how to do it?

The APR rates for the best personal loan vary according to two criteria:

  • The amount of the request
  • The repayment tenure

The rate can never exceed the usury threshold set by the Bank. This maximum authorized rate avoids ending up with huge disparities between several offers. It helps protect the consumer. The total cost of a loan can still vary enormously from one offer to another. This is all the more true when the amount is large, or when the repayment period is long.

It is not uncommon to pay two to three times more interest between the best personal loan of the moment and the second or third in the ranking . A simple form makes it possible to identify the best offer, but also to obtain an immediate response in principle. Here are the steps to follow in order to get your own assessment:

  1. Fill out a form by selecting “personal loan”, the amount * and the desired repayment period.
  2. Our comparator identifies the best personal loan of the moment and immediately questions the organization.
  3. It is not only possible to see the best rates of the day, but also to obtain a favorable opinion without commitment.
  4. In the event of a positive response (acceptability> 50%), confirmation of the proposed rate is sent by email within 24 hours. An unfavorable opinion from the specialist offering the best personal loan of the moment is not unacceptable. It is always possible to request the next two with a single click.

The amount requested must be more than $ 4,000, otherwise the small revolving credit offers and not the personal loan will be displayed.

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